Friday, August 1, 2008

I forgot to write about the physical therapy Al has been getting for his swollen neck. He finished 5 treatments so far and will probably continue to go for at least 2more weeks. His therapist said she may only be able to see him once next week because 2 of her 3 children need to have their tonsils removed. Of course Al told her he wished he had gotten his removed a long time ago too! Anyway, she said his neck is starting to get softer, so that means it's getting ready to drain. I can't really tell yet. It still feels really hard to me and I don't think it looks that different yet either. But, it's probably still too early to tell.
I'm almost finished cleaning out the closet. Al said he wants to give away his big clothes because he doesn't plan on returning to that size again. I kept some of the in between sizes, just in case. The really big ones are out. It was weird folding those clothes. 50 lbs is a huge weight loss. He went down 2 pant sizes. He is eating more these days, but he is determined to stay slim. He wants to start exercising again too because he wants to build up some strength. He hurts himself easily these days. He was in excruciating pain last weekend and thinks it was sciatic nerve pain, which he hasn't complained about in over 5 years. He did used to have days where he couldn't get out of bed, but that was a long time ago. It was a good thing we still have so much pain medicine in the house! He was really hurting. He was actually going to get therapy for it, but then it just subsided the other day.

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